Who would He vote for?

A very important question the wonderful Lily Allen asked us many years ago, and I am sure she is disappointed she never really got an answer. Well have no fear Lily, for here I will attempt to give you the response you were looking for.

In her song ‘Him’ from the hit album ‘The Fear’, Lily asked many brilliant questions, but this song is still one that gets my brain ticking every time I am singing along to it in the car. The lyrics read:

Would you please take me away from this place?
I cannot bear to see the look upon your faces
And if there is some kind of God, do you think He’s pleased
When He looks down on us I wonder what He sees
Do you think He’d think the things we do are a waste of time?
Maybe He’d think we are getting on just fine
Do you think He’s skint or financially secure?
And come election time I wonder who He’d vote for
Ever since He can remember
People have died in His good name
Long before that September
Long before hijacking planes
He’s lost the will, He can’t decide
He doesn’t know who’s right or wrong
But there’s one thing that He’s sure of
This has been going on too long
Do you think He’d drive in his car without insurance?
Now is He interesting or do you think He’d bore us?
Do you think His favorite type of human is Caucasian?
Do you reckon He’s ever been done for tax evasion?
Do you think He’s any good at remembering people’s names?
Do you think He’s ever taken smack or cocaine?
I don’t imagine He’s ever been suicidal
His favorite band is Creedence Clearwater Revival

Now I am not religious, far from it in fact. For the record if someone Godlike was to exist I think they would have been a black woman, however for the purposes of this article and in line with Lily’s lyrics I will stick to the ‘him’, ‘he’, pronoun. I have come to accept that many people in the world are for one reason or another, and I wish they would ask themselves the question of who He would vote for when they approached the ballot box. In fact, research has been carried out which shows those who subscribe to one of the many religions under the umbrella term ‘Christianity’ are more likely to vote Conservative. as are Jewish communities. Other religions however tend to vote more leftist with Labour coming in a firm favourite.

I would like to look at this more in depth through the lenses of the hottest political topics of the day…


If Him upstairs was pondering this political phenomenon I think he would be dumbfounded. I could imagine him saying something like “I created this planet for all species to live in harmony, and yet here comes mankind trying to segregate rather than cooperate”. To Him it just wouldn’t make sense, in his eyes surely we are one planet, one people. He would be for more international cooperation not less of it. He would love the EU, and the UN, and all institutions that force us stubborn individualists to work together for the ‘greater good’.

So on this topic I think He would likely vote Labour, Lib-Dem, or Green.

Climate Change

I think God would cry – which wouldn’t help the rising water levels that’s for sure! I mean he created this beautiful, resource-full, plentiful planet for us to thrive, and here we are killing it. One car, one fracking project, one mouthful of meat at a time. I mean for starters surely god would be a Vegan – he professes to love ‘all creatures great and small’ after all, and made apples for us to eat. We are cutting down all of his tremendous trees to make space for cows to slaughter and turn into burgers. We are reproducing at alarming rate with no regard for how the planet will cope with this number of humans and how those humans will survive, nay thrive, once we are dead and gone. He would despise deniers, and worse, those who say they believe but still sanction the use of environmentally damaging processes.

On this one, I think there is no doubt he would vote Green.


He would be really sad that children are crammed into dull classrooms to take test after test. I think He would like the Forest school model where children learn from nature and from each other. Not from textbooks and overworked teachers. I think he would find it strange how much pressure we put on our young people to learn algebra and the periodic table, and how little we teach about healthy relationships – loving thy neighbour, politics – the thing that rules everything in the modern world they will grow up into, and life skills – cooking, first aid, and all the things that will make them positively functioning members of society for the greater good. He would be sick to His stomach at the individualistic nature of education, and how the system only allows for certain types of ‘smart’ to flourish. He would want all children treated equally and to have equal opportunities.

On this one I think he would vote Labour or Green.


With the levels of homelessness rising across the county, He would be pretty disgusted at us. All that money and yet still people have to sleep in shop doorways – what are we doing? Letting people buy their council houses meaning there is less in which to place people in real need? Seems as though those in power didn’t pay attention in maths. Could we be any more stupid? He would think that people shouldn’t be allowed to buy premium property and leave it empty to accumulate more wealth than any one man could need. He would think that the Bedroom Tax is a plaster on a bigger problem. He would want rent and house prices to be more affordable and for landlords to have a little more morality.

For this issue I think again, He would vote Labour or Green.


Wasn’t Jesus sort of the original Robin Hood? God would certainly be displeased at the complete inequality that exists in our world. He would see great injustice in some people being paid millions to kick a football, act in a movie, or sit at the head of the boardroom table whilst nurses, doctors, teachers, police, social workers, firefighters, and all the other professions that save and better lives on a daily basis scrape by. He would see through ideas on ‘social mobility’ and ‘The American Dream’, and call these out as propaganda as they very much are. He would weep at the fact those who are supposed to represent us, absolutely demographically do not. He would be angry that gender, race, and geographical location determine life chances.

Here He would again, vote Labour or Green.

So to surmise Lily, no I don’t think when He looks down on us He’s happy with what he sees. I think he is fuming that those who use his name, and claim to follow his ethos are consistently voting against it. Because let’s face it, God would vote to the left of the political spectrum unlike most of his followers.